Kobi Koachman Fashion does not only offer the finest men’s clothing, accessories and perfumes, but also provides a complete selection of services ranging from personal styling and wardrobe management that will help you acquire a new stylish image to match your lifestyle and goals.  

To offer you best and long-lasting results we advise on key styles, trends and suitable colors and coach you on how to get dressed for each occasion depending on the image you want to portray. Our services are extremely personalized and respect your individuality. our goal is to help you look and feel the best that you can be everyday of your life. 

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This service is provided via our BLOG on www.MrKoachman.com. Simply click on the link and follow the blog to get update on new contents.

Our goal is to inspire, guide and help you look and feel the best that you can everyday of your life. We do this by offering you style advice, grooming guidance and weekly style news in order to inspire you and help you maintain an attractive and positive image which will ultimately empower you to achieve high quality living and be successful in life. 


We provide expert guidance on men's wear, grooming and fashion and expertly answer questions on the size and fit of clothing, accessories and fragrances. We also provide assistance selecting that special item you desire or you want to shop for. We can schedule an appointment on Skye, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and provide you with appropriate advice concerning that event, occasion or even what to wear to work.

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Do you need a wardrobe change? Perhaps you just got a new job and want to make a great first impression upon resumption by getting new sets of work clothes, foot wear and accessories to match. Or you are tired of wearing only native wears and corporate wears for all types of occasion and want to acquire a few casual clothes.


KOBI KOACHMAN can help you, we help you create stylish, effortless and modern outfits from the clothes you already have sitting in your wardrobe while taking your personality, lifestyle and budget into account.

We will make stylish suggestions to update your wardrobe after analyzing your existing wardrobe, your preferences, body shape and personal style. The result will be a collection of stylish outfits combined in such a way that you would have items you can wear for business, casual or any occasion as the case may be.

We will finally give you tips on how to consistently maintain your new wardrobe and what is needed to improve upon it.

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We can be your Image Partner helping you when it comes to your style selections, shopping and wardrobe changes. Personal Shopping is a whole new experience, imagine having someone who knows your size, understands your body shape and can choose what suits you for any occasion, work clothes, casual clothes, fragrances, foot wears and combine it perfectly for you by shopping smart, thereby saving cost for you.

Before our meeting, we first send you a pre-consultation form for the sole purpose of understanding your expectations, lifestyle, needs, occupation and style preference. This will then allow us prepare a bespoke styling and shopping plan specific to your needs.

We will then make a shopping list based on your style preference, budget and lifestyle and then select clothes that mix and match together to create numerous outfits for you. You will always end up with new stylish clothes you need for the season or for that special occasion. 

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We help you find the perfect look for you or your friends for any special occasion such as wedding look the groom and your men in suit, cocktail party, fashion event, evening dinner etc. Or maybe you are about to take a vacation trip, we can help organize your wardrobe plan for the trip.

Other styling options available include:


This includes both ready made options and Made to Measure Tailored Clothes such as Suit, Shirts etc.


This includes native wears styling, kaftans, agbadas, simple native etc. 



 This includes normal smart casual style for men and Celebrity casual styling such as jeans, shirts, watches, jackets, glasses, bracelets etc.

We also help with Alterations & Repairs as part of any of the above services. We ensure you get a bespoke fit for items in your existing wardrobe and also new items we arrange for you during personal shopping or styling.

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From cocktail parties, to school reunions, to photo shoots, KOBI KOACHMAN will help style you for that special event which you wish to attend! 
We are happy to assist you in making sure your style choice is very appropriate for the occasion, capturing the style and image which you wish to portray at the event.
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From birthdays to weddings - we help you find the perfect gift whatever the occasion. All gift orders are delivered in KOBI KOACHMAN personalized signature packaging. If you are also looking for a special gift idea for a friend, colleague or relative, how about giving a gift voucher for our personal image consulting services? 


We offer gift card either for 1 or more specific services listed such as wardrobe upgrade, bespoke service such as suit making or personal shopping or for a specified amount. The gift card is either presented in KOBI KOACHMAN signature packaging or can be sent as an eGift Card to the recipient or to you via email and contains instructions to redeem them.

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We will be glad to assist you with questions related to our KOBI KOACHMAN brand or our range of products.


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